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Test Benches
LGM Ingénierie offers over 15 years of expertise in the production of tools and equipment testing.

Our service offer covers all the tools that allow you to qualify or test your product during the development of the V cycle: from integration, through production and maintenance.

LGM Ingénierie provides support matching your requirements in real-time, mechanical and hydraulic systems.

Recognized for our expertise in the field, LGM Engineering is referenced by major prime contractors.
We propose a global offer with different levels of services tailored to your needs:

 Fixed-Price Realization Package
 Capitalization of Ressources
With LGM Ingénierie you acquire a partner that guarantees dynamic, innovative proposals and secures your investment by controlling the life cycle of your product.
LGM Ingénierie has focused its development around reusable technological building blocks by selecting sustainable solutions to ensure scalability, optimizing the cost of development and ensuring the safety of operation.
Our Services include::

 National Instruments Solutions
 Real-time solutions
 Customized HMI, C#, Android or Web development
 Specific Client-Tailored Solutions
We support you in the definition of generic architectures, or an approach to standardize your testing tools.

Our testing facilities are implementing:

 Simulation and HIL
 Real-Time Environment
 Electronical System Focus
 Mechanic or Hydraulic System Focus
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