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Legal notice

We reserve the right to modify the content of this web site in all manners, at all times and for whatever reason and without any particular prior notification. LGM cannot be held accountable in any way for any potential consequences for such modifications.

Non-disclosure of information

LGM promises not to sell, share or disclose your personal data to third parties outside the LGM group. However, this data can occasionally be transmitted to third parties acting for the account or in the name of LGM or in connection to LGM activities for which they had been originally gathered.

Access rights

You have the right to access and update your personal data as well as demand their suppression in accordance with the French Act n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties. We hereby commit ourselves to keep your personal data up-to-date, accurate and complete. If you wish to access or edit your personal data, please contact by mail the person in charge of data protection at the following address: LGM, Recruitment Management, Bât. Ader, 13 avenue Morane Saulnier, 78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay, France. Your requests will be dealt with as soon as possible. Requests for deletion of personal data will be subject to the requirements of the legal and ethical guidelines established at LGM in the domains reporting, archiving and document storage.


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